Free Kindle Book for World Autism Awareness Day

******  THIS OFFER WILL BE VALID ON APRIL 2ND ONLY  ****** In honour of World Autism Awareness Day, the kindle edition of my book is free today. It’s an accessible and practical guide to autism – full of tips, ideas and strategies you can use right away to help your child. This book is written for […]

Sensory-Friendly Toilet Training for Kids with Autism


Guest Post by Connie Hammer, Parent Coach All parents eventually have to face the task of weaning their child from diapers. As that time nears they often question – “When will my child be ready?” “How do I begin the process?” “What is the best approach for me to use?” “What if my child resists?” […]

Avoid Playing Chicken!


How often do you end up in a situation with your child that leads to a head on collision? If it’s more often that you’d like, and the outcome is not what you would wish for, this may be why. Many years ago (too many!), in a politics class at university, we were looking at […]

Interaction First, Goal Second


Once in a while you come across something that really speaks to you. This phrase “Interaction first, goal second” is one of those things for me. I heard it during a lecture I attended about the Son-Rise program a long time ago, and whilst I questioned some of the content of that lecture, this phrase […]