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“As a mother of an 11 yr old son with Autism, I have read many books on Autism. I rarely find an author who has experienced the beautiful spirits of these children and has taken the time to genuinely connect to them and their world. This is a wonderfully informative guide to understanding children with Autism. Alan has done an excellent job of explaning the fundamental areas and behaviors associated with autism while using simple, straight-forward, and easily understood language.”

Tracey Angle, Durango, CO, USA

“I am a stay at home mom of a non-verbal five year old boy, and I have had a very difficult time teaching him to communicate. After reading this wonderful short book, I began using some of the play strategies. It has been 2 weeks since I first read the book, and I have already taught my son to verbalize 2 words! HE LOOKS ME IN THE EYE and says the words “please” and “more”! Not only that, but he also walks beside me without running away, and he comes when I call his name! These are huge steps for him, and I couldn’t be happier that I read this book! Thank you Alan!!”

Ashlyn Torres,  Henrico, VA, USA

“Alan’s e-book was a fantastic read, could not put it down. I have found that many things were simple things that can be easily introduced to your routine and would make a world of difference. Thank you very much for sharing this with us all!”

Mari, Essex, UK

“Thank you so much Alan for your ebook. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day struggles of helping our kids or grandchildren catch up – or keep up – with their peers, that we forget to simply play.  When we let them set the agenda from time to time, it feels to everyone like the first warm day of spring after a long winter!  The sun has come back indeed! Learning IS fun!”

Trish Heidebrecht, Niagara Falls, Canada

“I have many different books etc on Autism, but I found the Short Guide very clear and easy to read.  Many books get too caught up in all the mumbo jumbo but not this book.  It is great to give to extended family and friends to help them understand.”

Christina Armstrong, Canberra, Australia

“When my son was diagnosed with autism I went into total warrior mode and sought out every possible resource and avenue of information.  I learned about ABA, PT, Dietary, OT, Play Intervention, and Behavioral therapies.  To be blunt, I often became completely overwhelmed.  One of the best gifts I gave myself during this process was downloading your book “Teaching Your Child With Autism”.  It so fluidly combined and explained in a non-intimidating way all the little strategies I had been struggling to teach myself.  A great resource to someone new to this community, and a brilliant reminder to those of us who have already been dealing with these issues.  Can’t recommend it enough!”

Leigh Summerlin, Houston, Texas

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