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Chapter 1 – What Is Autism?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, A novel by Mark Haddon

This is a wonderful read about a child with autism (although this is never explicit in the book), trying to solve a mystery. The book is very insightful about how confusing and confused our world is from the viewpoint of someone with autism.

Available from and

A is for Autism, a short film by Tim Webb which includes individuals with autism talking about their sensory experiences.

Watch all 11 minutes of it:

Making Sense of Sensory Behavior

Download this useful booklet free from Falkirk Council.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child, by Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske For a more comprehensive guide to sensory issues, get this practical, parent friendly book.

available from and

Sensory Overload

Ever wondered what sensory overload might be like? Watch these 2 video simulations.

Chapter 2 – Intensive Play

Rocket Balloons

These make the most amazing sound as they whizz about the room – you can get them in toy shops, or on or

If you can find flying saucer balloons, these are a great alternative – they spin round and round while they deflate, making a fantastic sound at the same time.

Chapter 3 – Attention

This chapter was inspired by Gina Davies of Attention Autism. Gina has developed an approach to working with children with autism that is fun, motivating and effective. To find out more, check out her website

Here are a couple of science websites that will give you great ideas to try, especially with an older child:

Steve Spangler Science website

The Naked Scientists website

Chapter 4 – Make It Visual

Visual Strategies for Improving Communication, book by Linda Hodgdon

This book is a quite expensive, but it has a wealth of information about visual strategies. Available on and


There’s no need to buy a very expensive program to make your symbol cards. Pictoselector is great free program – which includes a large range of symbols.

Download it here.

Now, Next Board

Easily make your own now, next board with a piece of card. If you want a template, you can download one here, but it’s really not necessary.


Buy an office calendar with squares for each day that you can write in, or print these calendars to use:

Jan to Dec 2022

Jan to Dec 2023


Sticky velcro is so useful for visuals that you should consider buying them in a bigger pack. They are available in rolls which is probably the most cost-effective. They are available on and

Chapter 5 – Well-Being

Dancing Raisins

Ever watched raisins dance? Clever little things.


Watch what mentos mints do to fizzy drink:

Chapter 6 – General Strategies

There are currently no links for this chapter.

Chapter 7 – Behaviour Concerns

The Incredible 5 Point Scale, book by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Beth Curtis

Ideas for helping your child to grade their own experiences and to understand what responses are appropriate, available from and

Blackout Blinds

If you are struggling with getting your child’s room dark enough, try using blackout blinds, available from on The sucker attachments make them easy to use anywhere.

Sleep Better, book by V Mark Durand

An excellent guide to helping your child to sleep better, available on and

People with Autism Behaving Badly, by John Clements

An excellent guide to understanding and tackling behavior difficulties, written by one of the people I respect most when it comes to behaviour issues. Available on and

Chapter 8 – Technology

Apps for Autism, book by Lois Jean Brady

If you’re serious about using Apps to help your child with Autism, then this is a really useful resource. Lois has organised a wealth of apps into categories that will help you to consider uses you probably haven’t thought of. Available on and

However, the book is several years old now, and new apps are developed all the time, so some research on Google with your individual needs may be worthwhile.